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Car Parks

We have extensive experience in undertaking maintenance works in retail parks and independent shop car parks and understand the importance of keeping staff and the general public safe.

We can provide but are not limited to the following car park services:

  • Site Compound Setup 

  • Stop & Go

  • Traffic Marshalling

  • One Way System

  • Temporary Lights


Petrochemical Sites

Delivering works safely, to us, is just as important as the final outcome. That's why when it comes to a high risk sector like Petrochemical sites, ELS are the contractor of choice. 

Accredited to work with both British Petroleum (BP) and Vinci (Shell), we take pride in knowing that we have the confidence of the major entities in the UK market. 

All our operatives, including surveyors, are UKPIA trained to ensure safety and industry compliance. 


Public Highway

Whether you need a safe working space in low speed urban areas or high speed motorways, ELS has you covered.

We offer but are not limited to the following services:

  • Road Closures and Temporary Diversion of Traffic

  • Lane Closures

  • 2,3 & 4 Way Temporary Traffic Light Systems

  • Stop & Go

  • Impact Prevention Vehicle Hire (IPV)

  • Letter Drops

  • Site Compound Set Up

  • Traffic Marshalling 

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